Apologies for the delay in posts

Sorry for the delay in getting new material up here.  I know it doesn’t exactly make for a great first impression to read a post full of promises for the coming season, and then nothing.

Allow me the chance to explain:

About the time I signed up for this blog, I was contacted by another Red Sox blogger running his own site, looking for contributing writers.  Though I was looking forward to having a blog of my own for the season, the opportunity to contribute as part of a larger group seemed worth pursuing, and I agreed to contribute weekly articles to this person’s site.

Almost simultaneously, the MLBlogs service was having some difficulty and I had been unable to log on for days.  I wrote some pieces for the other site, and was really contemplating whether or not it was worth keeping two things going at once.  I didn’t want to use my site simply to direct people to another one, and I didn’t want to take advantage of the other site by trying to direct people here.  It looked like I might have had to write two different sets of articles, which was making me consider if that was even worthwhile.

Things have a way of sorting themselves out, and that’s more or less what happened.  Much to my surprise, the blog I had been asked to contribute to wasn’t quite on the up-and-up as I had been led to believe.  The readership was nowhere near what I had been promised.  Now, I don’t do this because I’m expecting to have a huge number of readers (not that I’d complain if that worked out to be the case…) but I don’t like feeling that I’ve been manipulated or lied to.  And then, just as quickly as the initial offer came, it all disappeared.  The person hosting the other blog site removed all of my posts, without warning, and took away my access to the site.  He did the same to the other person who was writing as well.  At no point did he attempt to contact me, or even drop a simple note: "Hey, I decided I want to do my blog as a one-person thing, but thank you for your time and effort".  Nothing.  One day I was a contributing writer, the next day I was gone.  So be it.

Fortunately, I hadn’t canceled my account here, and everything appears to be working again, so now we’re back in business.  I’ll try to write here as often as I can, and I continue to welcome any feedback you might have.  Feel free to write me anytime at number22talks@mac.com

Well, that’s about it for now… thoughts on the first game of the season coming up soon…


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