One and one and done in Japan

The A’s beat the Sox, 5-1, to wrap up the Tokyo trip.

I wonder if any A’s fans got to actually watch the game.  Here I’ve been complaining about the 6am start time, but it’s even worse if you live in Oakland — 3am start from there.  It’s one thing to have to wake up ridiculously early before work to watch 3/4 of a game, it’s another thing when it’s too late to stay up from the night before, and too early to wake up for the next day.  That’s gotta be a major bummer.  I wonder if someone at MLB was like, "Well, it’s the A’s, and they don’t exactly have a ton of fans and no one will really care one way or the other what happens to them, and they’ll probably lose anyway…"

Was up later than I anticipated last night, surviving the day of work before attending a rehearsal by one of my new favorite bands, Sera del Fuego (check ’em out).  From there, it was off to a show by St. Helena at the Abbey Lounge (which is either in Cambridge or Somerville, the line dividing the two is right there so who knows which side it actually falls on), and by the time I got home it was practically midnight.  Set the alarm again, woke up (barely), and watched the game mostly in a state of grogginess.  I nodded off at one point and woke up when it was 4-0 A’s, and promptly nodded off again.

I tried, man, I really tried.

The good news is that after all of this ridiculous scheduling, the season resumes next Tuesday in Oakland at 10pm.  I can deal with a 10pm start — I’ll get to bed at 1am or thereabouts, sleep seven hours, and be fine the next day.  And I’d much rather watch a game at the end of the day than at the beginning of it.  I’m one of the few people I know who doesn’t mind when the team goes out to play on the west coast.  I get to enjoy my evening as if it were an off-day, hang out with friends or watch a movie or have a leisurely dinner, and then when I’m in that "OK, I’m done with people for today and I don’t want to leave the house again" mode, it’s time for it to start.

I hope these posts get a little more interesting when I’ve actually been able to watch the game and stay conscious throughout it.  When I’ll be in a position to make observations like, Brandon Moss has a good future ahead of him.  And actually, as I see kids like Moss and Ellsbury, I can’t help but wonder (yet again): why on earth did they spend $70 million for five years of J.D. Drew?  Nothing against Mr. Apathy (well, nothing more than that), but what are we gonna do with all of these outfielders?  Coco Crisp is likely to be forced out, which is a **** shame… he played the best defensive center field last season that I’ve ever seen in my life, and it’s just too bad that most of the people in Boston are ready to send him packing.  And this is from someone who likes Ellsbury too.  I like what I’ve seen from Moss, but for a young player, I don’t think sitting on the bench as a fourth or fifth outfielder all season is any good for him… he needs to play every day, so it looks like he’ll be heading back to Pawtucket.  Speaking of Pawtucket, I don’t know what they have planned for him, but I hope they figure out a way for Chris Carter to be helpful to the big club later on in the year… from what little I’ve seen, this kid can flat-out hit.

One last thing: when I got home from work yesterday, I turned on NESN and watched a little of the Globe 10.0 with Bob Ryan and Jackie MacMullen, and I was really surprised at how they beat up on both Dice-K and Papelbon after their work yesterday.  No, Dice-K didn’t look brilliant, but the Dice-K that pitched innings 3-4-5 looked miles ahead of the guy who started the game, which proves to me that the beginning was more nerves and rust than anything else.  Same for Papelbon.  Jackie, let’s calm down a little bit and not be so down on the players just yet… it’s not a mid- or postseason game, it’s a glorified spring training game that for reasons passing understanding actually count.  Of all the things one could worry about, those things have to be at the bottom of the list.  Seriously, relax and stop acting as if the sky is falling… you’re just making yourself look like an idiot.  Would yesterday have been better if Dice-K pitched 7 innings of one-hit ball followed by a perfect inning each from Okajima and Papelbon?  Absolutely.  Did I expect that?  Not for a second.


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