Don’t wanna sound like I’m bragging…

…but I just found out I’m going to Opening Day at Fenway on April 8th!

I went to an opening day once before — the New York Mets home opener at Shea Stadium against the Atlanta Braves, in 2001.  They had previously made it to the World Series in 2000, but lost in five games to the Yankees.  It was certainly an event, more so than just any home opener — they did have a National League pennant to celebrate, and the World Series loss didn’t seem to be hanging over the whole place.  It was a good game too, in that the Mets destroyed their rivals, the evil Braves, to the point where the entire crowd started doing the Braves tomahawk chant to mock the boys from Atlanta.  A good time was had by all.

This should be different.  There are trophies, there are rings.  One last time to formally celebrate 2007’s accomplishments before forever moving on.  Going up against the Tigers, it’s certainly not a sure thing that they’d be able to win, and that’s probably as it should be… two great teams facing off.  One wonders if Josh Beckett will be held back to start at Fenway, or if it’ll be someone else.  Either way, it’s going to be a terrific amount of fun, an extra day off from work, and maybe I’ll even get a few fun things to write about.

Speaking of the Mets, I just called my cable company (RCN) to subscribe to the MLB Extra Innings package.  Without going through the specifics, it felt like it should have been a lot easier to call and add a few channels to my cable service than it actually was.  But with that all taken care of, I look forward to being able to check out some Mets games.  I’m really glad that the Sox didn’t trade for Johan Santana (and frankly, I know he’s a great pitcher, perhaps an outstanding one, but I still think he’s enormously overhyped), but I am really glad the Mets picked him up…. as far as teams that could afford him go, they needed him the most, and somehow got away with giving up the least.  The Red Sox had a better offer to the Twins for him, so did the Yankees, but the Twins had to settle for what the Mets were willing to give, and now the Mets have that staff ace that they’ve been so desperately lacking for at least a season, if not longer.

It seems strange to have watched two official games that played out much like glorified Spring Training matches, only to have some more actual spring training matches before playing another "real" game.  How do you get yourself pumped up for Tuesday/Wednesday 6am contests in a foreign land, bring yourself back to earth for three games that don’t count for anything, and then fire it all back up for games that once again do count?  Still trying to figure that one out…


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