Hot streak!

How do you praise your team without jinxing it?

On a night where ace Josh Beckett had to be pulled at the last moment, where the team’s captain and catcher, Jason Varitek, was home with the flu, where one of the best pitchers in the bullpen (Manny Delcarmen), sat at home with the same ailment, when the World Series MVP (Mike Lowell) is on the DL and so is your super-sub reserve (Alex Cora), on a night when Coco Crisp still isn’t ready to play, and you’ve basically got no bench, just not getting embarrassed going against a great team like the Angels would seem to be enough.

And somehow, despite being down 5-1 at one point, the Sox came up huge in the late innings (yet again) to pull ahead 7-6.

If you’re the opposing team, the only thing less comforting than a small, late inning lead, it would seem, is a large late inning lead.  I’m not sure how they keep pulling this off night after night, but it’s pretty amazing to watch.  Every night it’s someone else coming through, a real team effort.  This, right now, is some pretty great baseball.


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