If you were to look at the Sox standings on any given day, and match that up against the frequency of my postings, you might notice that I seem to drop off during losing streaks.

It’s not intentional. 

I actually expected, when I first signed up to do this, that losing games would inspire me to write more than winning games would.  I figured there’d be lots of things to criticize and examine, and that it would be a good way to blow off some steam following a loss.  The problem is, there really haven’t been many (if any) losses due to mismanagement or decisions that could be second-guessed.  For the most part, it seems when the team loses, it’s because someone didn’t play up to their end.  Take last night: whenever it’s Josh Beckett’s day to pitch, I anticipate a win.  But Beckett has been off to a slow start (no doubt losing pretty much all of spring training hasn’t helped), and though I think he’s too hard on himself when after the game he’s using all sorts of unprintable words to describe his performance, he’s not entirely wrong that the loss was on him  The bullpen was solid, and there was some hitting — though the hitters did waste what seemed like countless opportunities to get something done.  The point being, I can’t sit here and write three pages about how the manager should have done this or that differently, because there’s nothing to be done.  When it’s Josh Beckett’s turn to pitch, he takes the ball, and you sit back and watch and hope for the best — and more often than not, he doesn’t disappoint.  The freakish barrage of injuries hasn’t helped either, but what’s really impressed me is how the team has stayed competitive in that stretch.  Just last night J.D. Drew had to leave the lineup after straining (and hopefully not breaking) his wrist on a play, and Coco Crisp left shortly after that due to either (depending what paper you read) a headache or stomachache.  Clay Buchholz just landed on the DL thanks to a broken fingernail that didn’t exactly help him with his command a couple nights ago.  It’s just been this revolving door of freak injuries and illnesses, and in my mind it really speaks to the quality of the team and the organization that they’ve been able to keep afloat.  Someday soon all of these players will be healthy, and I fully expect things to pick up as that happens.

You might also notice that I rarely (if ever) write on weekends.

That’s not quite an accident.

Writing this blog has definitely been a nice break point in my day, a good opportunity to put my mind off of work for ten or fifteen minutes a few times a week.  I’ve tried to make the transition to writing more on weekends but it just hasn’t happened.  I’ll try to be a little better about that but I make no promises.


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