About 22talks

Public television employee. Freelance
filmmaker. Part-time roadie. Long-time Boston resident. Red
Sox fan. Blogger extraordinaire? That’s the plan, at any
rate. My name is Josh, and I’ll be your host here at 22
Talks. A little background about myself: I was born on
February 22nd in New York and raised on Long Island. I grew
up a Mets fan, which is to say that I learned a lot more
about losing than I ever did about winning. I was never a
Yankees fan, but my resentment was born the moment Roger
Clemens threw a bat at Mike Piazza’s head in the 2000 World
Series and got away with it. I moved to Boston shortly after
to attend film school, and fell in love with the Red Sox
almost instantly. How could you not love Fenway Park from the
second you walk into it for the first time? While it might be
natural to assume that as a New Yorker, I’d have difficulty
adjusting to life in Boston, being a Mets fan was actually
perfect preparation: I already disliked the Yankees and was
used to always coming up short. From the disappointing 2001
and 2002 seasons to the heart-crushing defeat in 2003 to the
historic 2004 comeback, it’s been a great privilege to follow
the Red Sox in good times and bad. Though I’ve been a fan for
all that time, I’d say 2006 was the year I crossed over from
Sox fan to Sox junkie. I love the game of baseball, the
unique ebb and flow it has compared to most other sports. I
love that it’s on most every night during the season, that
it’s an ongoing story from the first day of Spring Training
to the last game of the World Series. You ride the highs of
the winning streaks, endure the lows of the losing streaks,
and generally tune in each night knowing that your team has a
chance to win. Not a guarantee, but a legitimate chance each
night to win. I catch a handful of games in person at Fenway
Park each season (as time and money permit), and what I can’t
see in person I watch from home. For the past several years,
I’ve probably seen about 150 of 162 regular season games. So
what is 22 Talks? A work in progress to be sure, and by the
end of the year, the diary of a season. A place to post
musings about the Red Sox, a forum to interact with other
fans, my own little corner of the virtual world. I’ve been
writing Red Sox related blog posts sporadically over the past
couple years, and it finally seemed time to give those
writings their own home. Bizarrely enough, my friends are
apparently the only non-Red Sox fans in all of Boston, and
I’m sure that they’ll be grateful that I’m channeling my
enthusiasm for the game into this blog instead of their
inboxes. Throughout the season, I’ll do my best to keep up
with the team, to follow events as they happen, to throw in
my two cents. I’ll try to provide in game commentary for the
big games. I want this page to be something you can look at
during the day as you wait for tonight’s game and reminisce
about last night’s. To that end, I welcome your comments and
suggestions for how to make this space better. While a blog
isn’t the most interactive forum in the world, please don’t
let that stop you from saying hello if you feel so inclined.
…at the end of the day, we’re all here because we love the
Sox, so enough about me and more about them!


Red Sox, baseball, movies (2001: A Space
Odyssey, Wonder Boys, Red Beard, On Her Majesty’s Secret
Service, and Almost Famous top the list), music (U2, Elvis
Costello, Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, Tegan and Sara,
Colin Green and Sera del Fuego to name a few) filmmaking,
cooking, writing, not freezing to death in the New England